We have been selling and making jewellery to the best of British design & manufacture for over 100 years.
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Bespoke & Repurposed Jewellery

Having our own expert craftspeople allows us to create your special piece of jewellery designed entirely by you.
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Jewellery Repair

We have, over the last century seen every type of jewellery possible and with 100 years of experience in repairing and making any necessary adjustments that you may need.
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Selling your jewellery

Whether you were gifted jewellery that’s not quite your style, tired of pieces pilling up in your jewellery box or want to part with the memories attached to certain pieces of jewellery, there are plenty of reasons you may have for selling.
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Watches & Watch Repair

We are very proud to be a Rotary Watches stockist, and with the great selection of men’s and ladies Rotary watches you will be spoilt for choice.
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Vintage & Pre-Loved

We are constantly collating a vast array of different items of jewellery From Georgian & Victorian through to Art Deco and up to the current day.
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Engraving Services

From wedding rings and watches, to cuff-link and signet ring engravings, we are able to offer both hand and machine engraving services to suit all types of jewellery.
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J.J.Browne & Son

We are a family jewellery business that have proudly been serving the Caterham area since 1921.

I am now the third generation of Browne’s, and from the first day of opening over 100 years ago we have been selling and making jewellery to the best of British design & manufacture, using sustainable products and all of our stones are conflict free.

Over the years we have seen so many different fashions trends and new ways of design, which has culminated into such an exciting melting pot where simply embracing design to a whole new world.

With being a longstanding family business, we have gradually grown with the times, and we now have a wide range of stock from simple silver jewellery, to the most precious of items including diamond, precious and semi-precious stones.